Welcome to THE REAL Costa Rica!

THE REAL Costa Rica is an organization located in the countryside of the "Pura Vida" land. Pura Vida means such a lot of amazing and good things, our favorite meaning is GREAT.

With THE REAL Costa Rica you'll find AMAZING opportinities to enjoy the Tico's lifestyle, to discover why it is said that Costa Ricans are the most happy people of the world! You'll feel welcomed by the community and excited to create a positive impact.

We support rural schools, church groups, youth & elderly people groups and the community members in general, in order to preserve our heritage, thinking of the future generations. THE REAL Costa Rica encourages people to protect nature and keep respect for all. We all are a family and our Father is the Director of this company, we just try to make Him happy through our programs, sharing without making a difference between religion, color, social status or academic level. We all work and enjoy together in an environmentally and culturally responsible manner.

Come, participate, learn and discover THE REAL Costa Rica hands on work. Admire the beautiful vegetation, explore the rural area, hike in the forest , relax in the hot springs, learn and teach at the rural schools and make a change in your life. Adopt a new family and prepare yourself for a GREAT adventure!