Costa Rica: "The Land of Pura Vida"

Costa Rica (my home and your home away from home) is more than a beautiful country... Costa Rica or "rich coast" in English, lives up to its name in many, many ways...

In size, Costa Rica is a fairly small country, a grand total of 19,530 square miles hosts around 4,509,290 inhabitants. Costarricans feel passion for life. Peace and Good Convivence are two really important aspects for "Ticos and Ticas". This peaceful territory has been blessed by the hands of God. Our people have enjoyed a stable democracy for more than 100 years. Peace is one of our treasures - Costa Rica has not had an army since 1948.

Talking about seasons and weather, Costa Rica has a very temperate climate. There are two seasons in Costa Rica. The rainy season is from May to mid-November and summer is from mid-November to April. Rain is good! If you don't believe it, just wait to see the vegetation in our country.

Sometimes a question comes to my mind...Why do people from other countries think that we are the happiest people in the world??? Maybe because of our daily routine: In my case, waking up with the melody of the birds, feeling the breeze in my porch while I rest in my hammock and admire the plants and the color of my flowers, looking at my 3 year old boy running barefoot in the yard, saying "Buenos dias" to my parents when they are going to milk the cow.

Preparing food with vegetables that my husband grows from our small farm. Assisting the children from school with their English & Spanish homeworks in my class (on the tree).

Sharing a cup of tea with my mom who lives just 2 minutes away in a walking distance or just selling groceries in our really really really small supermarket. This is my work, but what I love is in another dimension... Working together as a family in order to improve my community and the life of everyone I see, feeding the needed people, supporting schools and churches, working with youth and elderly people and honoring Sabath in memory of the Creator and His beautiful creation: My people, the animals, the plants, the fresh and still pure air, the majestic volcano, the clear rivers and the BIGGEST opportunity to share with others what makes me feel the happiest woman in the world!

Costa Rica has much to offer and I don't have the right words to describe this. I prefer to invite you to discover it here. Come and visit us. Adopt a family, adopt a country and I am sure you will return again.