About Us

Cristian Padilla:

Cristian began birding when he was 18, with a passion for birds that has remained with him and ultimately inspired him to guide birding tours. He has been guiding individuals, groups and families across his country and he is always the favorite guide for families with kids. Cris, as everyone calls him, derives great pleasure from sharing his experience on tour and, with a little coaxing, you may persuade him to demonstrate his repertoire of 'bird sounds imitations' - said to be quite entertaining!

He also knows a lot about plants. He enjoys talking about natural medicine. His knowledge is really great, combined with his easy-going style. He is a really Pura Vida Naturalist Guide. He loves what he does. When he is not in a tour, you can find him hiking or just watching the birds in the mountain just behind his house.

Lindsay Padilla:

Lindsay was born in San Jose, CR (but she prefers to say she is from our community). As a Spanish teacher for foreign people, she loves her language as well as talking about culture and traditions in every single class. She likes the informal way to teach and share. For this reason her favorite classroom is in a tree! In her spare time, she loves to cook and relax in the forest. She also enjoys swimming and writing.

Our community:

San Rafael de Peņas Blancas is a small village located in the Northern area of Costa Rica. We can't say we have neighbors, we all are a family! We enjoy sharing our culture, language and traditions with our visitors. Everyone who loves nature and feels passion for life is welcome here :) Our purpose is to make more and more friends and extend our "family". You will come but you will never leave, because a part of you will always be here.